Our History

BIONET started with an inspirational story in 1999

Back in 1999, the first case in the world applying cord blood stem cell to treatment for Mucopolysaccharides emerged in Taiwan (known as the case of MPS child Lin). Till this day his name was still well remembered by a lot of people for his braveness to confront with the inborn inherited disorder. Although he passed away a few years later, the story had inspired many researchers to explore the therapeutic potential of stem cells from cord blood on many other diseases such as Lou Gehrig's, Cerebral stroke, Parkinson's disease and so forth. Since then the exploration of the potentiality of stem cell from cord blood has expanded rapidly in the world, as BIONET having made his gigantic first step becoming the pioneer of the region in the field of stem cell application.

BIONET was founded by a group of scholars specialized in transplantation medicine from University of Minnesota, US., with experts in reproduction medicine from University of Cambridge, UK. In 1999, they decided to dedicate to stem cell research and provide stem-cell relative services while the application of which remained unclear to the general public. It has been a unique and profound foreseeing of BIONET to face a challenging and inspiring mission in developing stem cell application, and to search for new hopes for those with inborn disorders.

BIONET contrived the cord blood banking industry in Taiwan

BIONET has successfully turned umbilical cord, cord blood and placenta, once were regarded as unappreciated wasted tissues, into precious as well as marketable topics of service via rigorous research and outstanding marketing strategies. It certainly opens a brand new chapter of biotechnical industry. BIONET had built the first private cord blood bank in Taiwan, utilizing the bio-archive standard operation system initially introduced by University of Washington and University of Minnesota (US) for cord blood processing and storage. As a result, BIONET had set up a highly validated standard system among all the domestic participants in cord blood banking business, and firmly contributes to the industry in Taiwan.

Active and yet steady, unceasing paces

In order to explore and maximize all possibilities of stem cell on medical applications, BIONET has devoted to investigate and improve stem-cell relative technical processing system such as collection, purification, incubation and differentiation. We believe that integration of all details involved in stem cell storage is necessary to optimize a solid ground for further expansion of the service.

Every member of BIONET research & development team has devoted and contributed greatly in results of showing remarkable achievement. In 2006, BIONET was granted a rare research & development aid supporting the project focused on derivative applications of MSC from umbilical cord, with a total allowance over 2 million U.S dollars for a 3-year period supervised by Ministry of Economic Affairs. The approval and execution of such project illustrates the apodicitc motivation and demonstration of the team’s efforts accomplishing the undeniable, and has positioned BIONET on top of the regional stem-cell industry.

BIONET was initiated at a perfect timing as a result of his essential occupancy in the bio-technology relative fields presently. However, the highly competitive surrounding globally is to be encountered. We at BIONET have always aimed to progressing towards the stage worldwide with active and yet steady, unceasing paces.