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Business, Vision, Public Welfare

AT BIONET we began the journey of exploration on cord blood research, and we deeply believe it as the ultimate resource of life, almost like a database containing unlimited information about what we are. Once we investigated for reasons of death through it, and now we provide hopes and momentum of life by storing of cord blood.

The “better good”, as positively contributing to the general public and improving the quality of human life, has always been the first priority to us at BIONET. We are on to a mission to unite business, vision, and public welfare all together, and we have the determination to overcome all the obstacles to success in terms of developing innovative bio-technology and products that improves quality of human life.

Our Belief

In 2007, BIONET participated the first case of non-relative cord blood transplantation in Taiwan, and the recipient, a four-year-old child who suffered by Thalassemia, had successfully recovered through the therapeutics. In 2008, BIONET successfully integrated stem cell therapy and pre-implantation genetic technology to carry out the first case of “rescue baby” in Asia for cord blood transplantation. All these remarkable accomplishments are not only about redefining the medical history in Taiwan, but more importantly, we have helped people to obtain a better life.

Since the establishment in 2000, the cord blood bank of BIONET has received matching inquiries through the database for more than 300 times, from over 30 different countries. “I started to realize the true value of life since the time that I had a chance to give a hand to a person in difficulty, by donating my cord blood for transplantation. I was so pleased that I could help someone to live longer. I am convinced that storage of cord blood can benefit both my family and others.” quoted from one of our client who had made a generous donation of her cord blood. The entire staff of BIONET has been deeply inspired, and constantly remains enthusiastic of what we humbly do in this life-saving business, and therefore makes a connection supporting each other.

Our Mission

In addition to promoting the applications of stem cells from cord blood and others, BIONET also manages to put endless efforts on developing advanced genetic technology, targeting on preventing inherited disorders. Throughout the cooperation with several major medical centers and clinics, BIONET has offered a diagnostic service of genetic screening for carriers of spinal muscular dystrophy (SMA). To this date there has been more than 10 thousand couples benefited by this service. “Hopefully we expect to achieve the termination of SMA in new-born population of Taiwan in the next 12 years” as every staff of BIONET mutually acknowledges the greater mission.

In 2008, BIONET introduced pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) from one of the most representative research institutes in US, Genetic Genesis Institute (GGI). It has been showed as one of the most powerful and promising genetic technologies to target at terminating single-gene inherit disorders, as we at BIONET are to continue fulfilling our mission of improving the quality of human life via innovative biotechnology and providing sustained services to people in need.