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Regenerative Medicine Regenerating Economic Boost

In the past 30 years, semi-conductor and IT industries have been entirely dominant in Taiwan to the extension of global market. The decisive, fully support by the government has indeed aided the establishment of some first-grade semi-conductor corporations worldwide, namely Taiwan Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), et al. Years later as the peak of rather conventional High-Tech industry gradually shifted, bio-industry has become the next strategic promising business (one of the Twin-Star national focuses). Hopefully it will duplicate the pace similar to TSMC for the past 30 years, and achieve the next generation of economic boost in Taiwan.

The development of stem cell technology has been one of most aware topics of bio-industry. Ever since BIONET first initiative the business was distinct as well as attractive to the capital market and investment groups even of unrelated fields such as INVESTEC, ACER, RITEK and so forth. While the rather conventional High-Tech industry is facing inevitable difficulties of further expansion, the emerging of bio-industry has been expected to supercede by opening up an entirely new era of the industry.

International Cord Blood Banking Network

亞洲臍血銀行聯盟At the beginning of this century while BIONET Corp. was just founded, the demand for cord blood matching for the purpose of transplantation grew rapidly in the Asian Pacific region, however the searchable database for people in need was seriously in deficit. In 2003, Dr. Tsai of BIONET set up a ground-breaking platform, the Asian Cord-Blood Bank Consortium (ACBC), to connect several top-line cord blood banks in Asia for the linkage of each member’s database, and to maintain constant communication for exchange of information, flow of knowledge, update of operation/quality system, and sharing of resources. It was the unprecedented mission of this consortium to construct an efficient network and collaboration of regional cord blood banks, in order to upgrade the standards of the region parallel to the advancement in US and Europe. Subsequently the organization successfully integrated members of Cordlife from Singapore, Stem Life from Malaysia, CryoLIFE from Hong Kong, and LIFECORD from Korea. Later in 2007, the platform was further expanded with members of StemCell Institute from Japan, THAI StemLife from Thailand, and Cryosite from Australia, as ACBC demonstrated its positive effect and contribution to the entire industry. As a welcome to the inter-continental member, ACBC was then re-named to Asia Pacific Cord Blood Bank Consortium (APCBBC). It is convinced that integration of respective resources definitely encourages the rapid development of the cord blood banking industry.

BIONET cord blood bank (generally recognized as BabyBanks) has become three of the top five cord blood banking on the list of Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide, with a total of 29,895 units of cord blood in storage. We at BIONET provide a feasible network available for searching and matching, as well as the scale of our establishment, to guarantee the best service and realized promise to our clients.

Quality is Religion

BIONET strongly believe in fundamentality of quality. To elaborate, BabyBanks is the first private cord blood bank in Asia ever obtains the world-class certification from American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), which stands as the 25th company globally. BIONET had also been recognized by the government for his unremitting efforts on quality improvement, as the winner of national award two years in a row (2003 and 2004). “There is no compromise on standard of services that we provide to our clients, because we always have to remind ourselves that storage of cord blood is for the use of rescuing life; no room for mistakes what so ever.” quoted from the CEO of BIONET Corp., Dr. Christopher Tsai.

The research-development affair of biotechnology undoubtedly faces a competition in a worldwide aspect. The key of which, clinical study or trial, calls for immaculate pre-clinical quality establishment therefore the necessity of central laboratory with core technical implementation is certifiable to all interested and hence joining the business. The central lab of BIONET has acquired quality certification from Commission on Office Laboratory Accreditation (COLA). It not only confirms the operation and management of BIONET laboratory complying with the global standards, but the compliance itself may increase the welfare of both donors and recipients....(continued)