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  We at BIONET are encouraged to lead the bio-industry of Taiwan and to encounter the competing-assimilating environment all over the world. By progressive communication, informative exchange, and full collaboration of human resource, R&D, capital and market on the international level, we intend to seize the advantage of globalization and to translate it into solid infrastructure as well as continuous growth of our establishment.

Establishment of a research center for providing PGD service in Asia

Recently BIONET had cooperated with the most representative PGD research institute of the world, to set up the first and only PGD core laboratory in Asia. The institute is qualified to offer PGD service upon request for all clinics and hospitals in Asia. This international cooperation indicates explicitly that BIONET has been recognized as a distinguishing member of the global bio-industry.

For over 10 years, BIONET has cultivated the stem cell industry, having collaborated with more than 30 countries around the world and having provided more than 100 units of stem cells for transplantation, to successfully launch the Taiwanese biotech industry onto the international stage as BIONET becomes a major supplying platform for stem cells internationally. Regarding MSC (mesenchymal stem cell), BIONET was the first in the world to commercialize it, which biotech industries in the U.S. and Europe only followed suit 3 years ago, and BIONET has already assisted in the world’s first successful mixed transplantation of umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells!

BIONET Transferring Technology to Panama and Moving into Central and South America, News of Success Pouring In Again for the Company’s Global Layout!

BIONET officially announced the company’s collaboration with the only AABB-accredited and leading company of cord blood services in Panama, Cordon De Vida, during the second half of 2012 with both sides agreeing to transnational collaboration on MSC technology and clinical application.

Since its establishment in 2003, Cordon De Vida has extended its operations to countries such as Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Ecuador. Joining force with BIONET this time, Dr. Denisse Vega, the representative of Cordon De Vida (Panama), revealed that, besides the MSC storage technology of BIONET, the many cases of transnational human clinical application were also one of the keys that attracted them in the company’s desire to team up with BIONET, as the company hoped to be able to count on BIONET’s experience to cultivate Central and South American markets together.

BIONET and StemOne (India) Joining Force for Transnational Stem Cell Cooperation

BIONET’s UC-MSC operation has already assisted in many cases of transnational human clinical application, which has gained the Indian side’s praise and recognition regarding the company’s technology and quality. For this reason, StemOne Biologicals CEO Chaitanya, being highly serious and appreciative of the occasion, came to Taiwan personally for the contract signing ceremony marking the two sides’ cooperation in the future and presented 3 cases of transplantation at the ceremony in the meantime. Cerebral palsy and stroke patients in these cases, who also expressed their gratitude to Taiwan and BIONET for their assistance via the screen, had all recovered well after undergoing stem cell transplantation.

This particular UC-MSC transnational cooperation is the first for Taiwan. StemOne Biologicals will introduce BIONET’s stem cell storage and application technology into India with the UC-MSC technology, which has a high technical threshold, being one of the keys in the technology transfer. In addition, BIONET will assist StemOne Biologicals in setting up the first high quality lab in India in compliance with GTP (Good Tissue Practice) standards, using the company’s own experience. BIONET’s accomplishments not only helped launched Taiwanese biotechnology onto the world stage, but will also greatly benefit the biotechnology development of India. During the press conference, Dr. Chris Tsai, the chairman of BIONET, and Mr. Chaitanya, the CEO of StemOne Biologicals, signed the agreement for the First Taiwan-India Transnational Stem Cell Cooperation and raised a toast in celebration in the hope that the cooperation between Taiwan and India can continue to shine in the future, creating a win-win situation for both countries.

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