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BIONET has always strongly believed in the motto “Quality, Professional, and Caring” as it aims to improve the quality of human life accompanied business operation with contribution to the community. The team of BIONET has devoted to transforming R&D accomplishments into marketable services in both of the major fields, application of stem cell and genetic testing. As the company established a firm foundation in scientific basis, it resulted in a solid record of revenue and profit. Consequentially, BIONET successfully completed initial public offering (IPO) and became the first public listed company in the stem cell and genetic industry of Taiwan.

Although BIONET was oriented in cord blood private banking originally, the company continued on developing advanced products in relative fields.In 2005, BIONET initiated the exclusive prenatal genetic testing for spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) screening, successfully applying research-based expertise to commercialization. During the same year, BIONET had also introduced two other new services, umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) and adult peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) storage. The introduction of storage service for mesenchymal stem cell derived from umbilical cord tissue marked BIONET as the first ever private cord blood company in Taiwan to offer a storage service of this kind, setting a new trend for the entire industry.

In 2008, the arsenal of BIONET was further expanded as four additional advanced services being initiated, including prenatal testing for Down syndrome, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), dental pulp stem cell (DPSC) storage service, and preventive genetic testing. BIONET provides a great diversity of services and yet cease to increase, as the integrated team of BIONET kept developing new business models and carrying out research in multiple related but distinct fields.

Major Business Units

Stem Cell Therapy
Genetic Testing


Stem cell storage service:
  - cord blood, cord MSC, adult PBSC, and DPSC, all with potentials for regenerative applications
Prenatal and preventive genetic testing